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Window Cleaning – Streak-Free

Window cleaning is a common household chore that takes an hour or two to complete. Exterior window cleaning, however, is a whole other monster. It can take hours to do if you don’t have the proper equipment, chemicals, or experience. Our team offers professional glass washing for commercial and residential properties! 

Because exterior windows face constant exposure to the elements and air pollution, they can quickly become dirty and make your entire home look dingy. Think of your windows like the eyes of your property. If they are dirty, it can make the entire house look dark and dusty, no matter how clean it may be. Don’t let all of your other exterior home cleaning like deck washing go to waste just because of dirty windows! Give us a call and we’ll get your glass shining and streak-free!

Local Window Washing

When hiring a professional window cleaning company, do your research and make sure they have their certifications, insurance, and sufficient industry experience. It’s always a good idea to look at online reviews to ensure you’re getting quality and reliable service. A local window washing professional will save you time and money because they have the tools and equipment already prepared and they have the expertise to get the job done safely and efficiently.

How Often Should You Clean Your Windows?

How often you wash your windows largely depends on where you live and the amount of pollution, pollen, dust, and other contaminants there are in the air. If you live in a more urban area with high pollution, we recommend washing your windows about once a month or so, especially if you have a commercial property that needs to constantly maintain its appearance. However, if you live more in the suburbs or in a less populated area where the air quality is better and there are less pollutants floating around, glass washing can be done once every several months. It really depends on each individual property. If you’re not sure how often to clean your glass, give us a call and we can make some recommendations. 

Affordable Glass Cleaning

We understand you probably spend a lot of money on keeping your home looking its best. Exterior maintenance isn’t the easiest, most affordable task. That’s why we do our best to offer competitive rates for quality service. We don’t want you spending obscene amounts of money just to keep your property in good condition. Give us a call today and we’ll provide a free estimate on any of our services. 

Why Hire a Professional?

Window cleaning can take a long time and be dangerous if you don’t have experience with it. Especially if you have windows that are high off the ground, you can run the risk of injuring yourself on a ladder while trying to scrub away the dirt. Personal protective equipment is absolutely essential for this job. A professional has the equipment, PPE, and industry experience and knowledge to get this done safely. You can trust us with your exterior home maintenance needs. We are certified, insured, and experienced and are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. You don’t pay until you’re satisfied. Give us a call today!

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